Castillo del Mundo

All are welcome.. from Aliens to Altlantis..
The most unique Art Galley out there...

Rolf Schulz... Curator, Artist, Architect, Master Mind..




R.O.L.F Empire

Mundo King "World King" 

"it conquers celestial"

See UFO Haiti Video...


Rolf states that they come down from Puetro Plat

 See youtube for UFO Haiti

UFO Haiti was the inspiration....

 His machines more sophisticated than a Stealth



 Rolf's latest work a rocket with atomic power


Rolf explains the atomic pods that explode to propel his rocket forward..


His use of Cerulean blue and mango colors 

His Architectural style is "Pre-modern Atlantis Castillo (Castle) with classic sculptures"


 You can see the Atlantis influences in his structure

Amazing  Wrought Iron, Stone and Concrete work




Some of the works are fantastic and intricate 



 Several Religions are depicted in the works



 Churches, Buddha, Rastafarian

 Paintings of the Germans the Devil and 911


This painting of Atta says.. From Hamburg to


Rolf Believes the Germans have something to do with 911 


Beautiful artworks.... Impasto Paintings




Google Translator

The Art Throne

Huge Stone Carvings and Busts seeming to look skyward..

Even the columns look extra-terrestrial

Gede inspired Carvings

Run of Gold



These are Rolf's Views as expressed to me during a tour of Castillo del Mundo

He shows his freedom of expression through his works and is a fascinating person to talk to..

It would be a sure miss if you went to Sosua Dominican Republic and missed going to this fantastical Castle.

The chat alone with this gentle man was worth it.. let alone the amazing art he has there!!

If You have been to Castillo del Mundo and have something to add..please contact me

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